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Top 10 Best Modified Yamaha RX100 Bikes in India Worth Drooling Over

Every bike enthusiast recognizes the unique allure of a classic, and the Yamaha RX100, a legend of the 1980s and 1990s, firmly holds a special place in our hearts. This motorcycle has become nothing short of legendary in India, revered for its raw power and timeless aesthetics. The Yamaha RX100 has consistently been a magnet for modifications. Over the years, bike lovers have infused their creativity into these modified Yamaha RX100 bikes, skillfully transforming them into captivating pieces of automotive art.

In this article, we will journey through the world of modified RX100 bikes, highlighting the top 10 modified Yamaha RX100 motorcycles in India that are sure to leave you drooling.

Top 10 Best Modified Yamaha RX100 Bike in India

Even after over twenty years since its production ceased, there still exist a handful of well-preserved Yamaha RX100 motorcycles, some painstakingly restored and others creatively customized. Let’s dive into the world of these magnificent machines and explore the top 10 best modified Yamaha RX100 bikes in India:

1. Yamaha RX 100 Gunmetal Grey Edition

Yamaha RX 100 Gunmetal Grey Edition - Modified Yamaha RX100 Bike in India
Modified Yamaha RX 100 Gunmetal Grey Edition

Modified By: Durga Spray Painting Works

This Yamaha RX100 has been fully rebuilt and enhanced with aftermarket upgrades, adding functionality and aesthetic charm, costing around INR 55,000 (excluding the bike’s cost). Crafted by ‘Durga Spray Painting Works‘, this Gunmetal Grey Edition of Yamaha RX100 shines with its dual projector bulbs within a matte black headlamp shell and sleek alloy wheels. The bike’s gunmetal grey fuel tank and side panels are accented with black pinstripes and emblems. A new two-person seat has been added, while most of the original moving parts remain to preserve performance.

Despite a maximum speed of 100 km/h, the Yamaha RX100’s production ceased in 1996 due to new emission norms. Currently, Yamaha has no plans for an RX 100 bike reintroduction in India.

2. Yamaha RX100 Cafe Racer

Yamaha RX100 Cafe Racer - Modified Yamaha RX100 Bike in India
Modifed Yamaha RX100 Cafe Racer

Modified By: Vedansh Automobile (Dehradun)

This Yamaha RX100, customized by Vedansh Automobile in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, perfectly preserves the vintage charm of the original. It features a cool matte grey and white paint job, clip-on handlebars, bar-end mirrors, a custom seat, an LED taillight, and block pattern tyres with aftermarket alloy wheels.

The standout Yamaha RX100 Cafe Racer by Vedansh Automobile impresses with its dark custom theme. It showcases a streamlined design with smaller fenders, a clean chassis, and a trimmed brown seat. Its all-black paint is highlighted by a yellow outline and a racing stripe, giving it an edgy look.

The bike’s other details include a black fuel tank cap, a forward-biased handlebar with rear-view mirrors, and a completely black exhaust. It runs on a 98cc, two-stroke engine that produces 11 BHP and 10.39 Nm, coupled with a 4-speed gearbox. Interestingly, this modified model is even lighter than the stock 103kg RX100.

3. Modified Yamaha RX 100 by IRONic Engineering

Modified Yamaha RX 100 by IRONic Engineering
Modified Yamaha RX 100 by IRONic Engineering

Modified By: IRONic Engineering (Hyderabad)

Check out this gorgeous red Yamaha RX100 motorbike, customized by IRONic Engineering from Hyderabad, Telangana. It’s been kitted out with an aerodynamic front headlight cover and side fairing. They’ve trimmed down pretty much everything below and behind its ribbed seat, making it look ultra-sleek. It’s got black spoked wheels and the whole design screams classic cafe racer.

It comes with a cute round headlamp tucked inside a custom front cowl, and clip-on handlebars for that racing feel. The bike also flaunts a custom fuel tank and a new single seat with a sporty rear cowl. This RX100 is slim, sleek, and super sporty – perfect for ripping it up on the track on the weekends.

4. Modified Yamaha RX100 Dirt Tracker by RTM Design

Modified Yamaha RX100 Dirt Tracker by RTM Design
Modified Yamaha RX100 Dirt Tracker by RTM Design

Modified By: RTM Design

Starting off our list is the ‘Dirt Tracker’, a wickedly cool Yamaha RX100 transformation by RTM Design. Dressed in an eye-popping orange fuel tank and fitted with a long rear suspension and beefy off-road tyres, this bike is ready to conquer the wild. Its custom handlebar, comfy padded seat, and headlight guard are the cherry on top. This tough guy even comes with a front disc brake!

RTM Design didn’t stop there though. They added some neat off-road specific tweaks like a long-travel rear monoshock, a tall handlebar with a brace, and wire-spoked wheels with gnarly knobbly tyres. The bulbous fuel tank and a long, slim single-seat add to its distinctive look. Plus, they’ve stripped back some bodywork, revealing the frame and shaving off some weight. This Dirt Tracker is truly trail-ready!

5. Neatly-Customized Yamaha RX 100 by Ornithopter Moto Design

Customized Yamaha RX 100 by Ornithopter Moto Design
Customized Yamaha RX 100 by Ornithopter Moto Design

Modified By: Ornithopter Moto Design of Nasik, Maharashtra

Take a look at this Yamaha RX100, custom-crafted by Ornithopter Moto Design from Nasik, Maharashtra. It sports custom clip-on handlebars, a slick fuel tank, and a new LED headlight. They’ve also stripped back some bodywork, exposing the frame and air filter for that raw look. The blacked-out engine assembly is a nice contrast against the tank’s yellow and grey paint. Plus, it’s got this cool single-pod instrument console, situated on the left side.

The wheels are fitted with chunky 100/90-18 tyres, giving it a top-notch grip for all terrains. They’ve swapped out the original headlight for a compact round LED light in a black casing, blending perfectly with the overall matte black vibe of this unique RX 100.

6. Custom-built Yamaha RX 100 Madras Cafe Racer

Custom-built Yamaha RX 100 Madras Cafe Racer
Custom-built Yamaha RX 100 Madras Cafe Racer

Modified By: Nizcita, Chennai-based modification agency

Check out this stunner from Chennai-based Nizcita – a custom RX 100 that really pops with a vibrant mix of colors. It has a grey body offset by a red seat, golden engine cover, and wheels, plus red accents beneath the fuel tank and on the rear suspension. The fuel tank is long and slender, the seat is compact, and the custom clip-ons are nice and low. They’ve added a sleek single-pod instrument cluster and block pattern tyres, too.

This unique creation, named the ‘Madras Cafe Racer‘, started life as a standard Yamaha RX100. Its standout features include a golden engine and wheel accents, a red underbody, a seat, and rear shocks. The fully-customized fuel tank and off-road tyres give this RX100 a distinct look all its own.

7. Restored Yamaha RX100 by Ravi Yamaha

Restored Yamaha RX100 by Ravi Yamaha
Restored Yamaha RX100 by Ravi Yamaha

Modified By: Ravi Yamaha (Kanker, Chhattisgarh)

The team at Ravi Yamaha in Kanker, Chhattisgarh, have done a stunning job restoring this Yamaha RX 100. They’ve kept the original styling but added a few cool extras like alloy wheels and a custom exhaust. It’s painted in silver, jazzed up with golden and red pinstripes for that extra touch of cool. Thanks to their top-notch restoration work, this RX 100 looks as shiny and fresh as the day it first hit the road.

8. Yamaha RX100 Sero Cafe Racer by JEDI Customs

Yamaha RX 100 Sero by Jedi Customs
Yamaha RX100 Sero Cafe Racer by JEDI Customs

Modified By: Jedi Customs

Meet the Yamaha RX100 Sero Cafe Racer by Jedi Customs, a dreamy transformation of the already impressive RX 100. They’ve managed to trim down its weight even further, creating an exhilarating acceleration experience that’s hard to match in a 100cc bike. Jedi Customs have meticulously swapped out the old components for top-notch alternatives, crafting this Yamaha RX100 Sero Cafe Racer.

The RX 100 has long been a fan-favorite worldwide, and it continues to captivate hearts to this day. There’s simply no modern bike that can truly rival the achievements Yamaha made with the RX 100. For those with a burning passion for unique bikes, the modified RX100 Sero Cafe Racer by Jedi Customs is nothing short of a dream realized. Its lightweight design is further refined for an unmatched acceleration thrill in the realm of 100cc bikes.

9. Modified Yamaha RX100 Scrambler

Modified Yamaha RX100 Scrambler
Modified Yamaha RX100 Scrambler

Modified By: Eshan Girri

This customized Yamaha RX100 Scrambler is a stunning blend of three colors and features a lengthy ribbed seat for added comfort. The custom exhaust is neatly designed, giving the bike a clean and sleek look. The raised front fender adds a hint of dirt bike charm to the mix. The tyres are robust, paired with striking chrome-finished spoke rims. In place of the dual rear shock absorbers that come with the stock bike, this version has been upgraded with a sturdy single monoshock unit.

10. Modified Yamaha RX 100 Tracker by RTM Motorcycles

Modified Yamaha RX 100 Tracker by RTM Motorcycles
Modified Yamaha RX 100 Tracker by RTM Motorcycles

Modified By: RTM Motorcycles, Secunderabad

The team at RTM Motorcycles in Secunderabad has worked their magic on this two-stroke gem, creating a version of the RX100 that’s simply too appealing to resist. They’ve streamlined the bike by trimming both the front and rear, giving it a sleek and compact look. It’s finished in a captivating blue shade, with a fully restored engine decked out in black, and a custom-painted frame that truly pops. The seat has been shortened for a more streamlined look, and a distinct handlebar is used with the instrument console cleverly placed on the far left side.


As we wrap up this thrilling ride through the world of Yamaha RX100 modifications, it’s clear to see why the RX100 remains a favorite canvas for customization. Its timeless design, powerful performance, and undeniable charm make it the perfect machine to transform according to personal taste.

Whether it’s the vintage appeal of the CafĂ© Racer, the rugged allure of the Scrambler, or the urban edginess of the Street Fighter, each of these top 10 modified Yamaha RX100 bikes in India carries its own unique personality. So, whether you’re looking to buy, modify, or simply appreciate these stunning modifications, the world of the Yamaha RX100 promises endless excitement. Happy biking!

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to modify a Yamaha RX100 bike?

The cost of modifying a Yamaha RX100 bike will vary depending on the extent of the modifications. However, it is generally a relatively affordable way to improve the performance, styling, and comfort of your bike.

Where can I get my Yamaha RX100 bike modified?

There are many workshops and custom bike builders that can modify your Yamaha RX100 bike. You can find these workshops by searching online

Is it legal to modify a Yamaha RX100 bike in India?

While minor modifications are usually allowed, extensive alterations may not be legal in India. Always check with local authorities and adhere to the Motor Vehicle Act to avoid any legal troubles.