Devyani International Nepal Launches Special KFC Restaurant Operated by Specially-Abled Women

Special KFC Restaurant Operated by Specially-Abled Women

In a pioneering move, Devyani International Nepal Pvt. Ltd. inaugurated its first Special KFC restaurant in Kathmandu on International Sign Language Day. Unique to this establishment is its workforce – predominantly composed of women who are speech and hearing impaired.

This initiative is not just a first for the company but also a significant stride towards promoting inclusivity and equal opportunities in the workplace. The Special KFC boasts a team of ten specially-abled individuals, each of whom has undergone rigorous training to adeptly manage the restaurant’s operations.

The launch of this restaurant is a testament to the spirit of International Sign Language Day, emphasizing that communication goes beyond mere words. KFC has gone the extra mile by incorporating innovative tools and designs to assist the team in serving customers seamlessly.

Rajat Luthra, the CEO of KFC India & Nepal at Devyani International, couldn’t contain his excitement about this groundbreaking venture. He shared, “This is a monumental step for DIL. We are staunch believers in the power of diversity and inclusivity, and this initiative underscores our commitment to fostering a culture of equality.” He further expressed his gratitude to The Leprosy Mission Nepal for their invaluable support in staffing the restaurant with such a dedicated team.

Luthra also highlighted the company’s future plans, stating, “As we mark International Sign Language Day, Devyani International Limited is doubling down on its commitment. We are planning to expand employment opportunities for specially-abled speech and hearing-impaired individuals and are looking forward to introducing more such restaurants in the upcoming years.”

This initiative by Devyani International Nepal Pvt. Ltd. and KFC Nepal is a shining example of how businesses can play a pivotal role in creating a more inclusive society, where everyone, regardless of their abilities, has an equal shot at success.