KTM Bikes Price in Nepal

KTM, an Austrian motorcycle manufacturer, is renowned for producing high-performance bikes that marry innovation and design. Founded in 1953, KTM is Europe’s No.1 Motorcycle Manufacturer specializing in on and off-road motorcycles was launched in Nepal in 2012. In Nepal, KTM bikes are sought-after due to their high-quality build, advanced features, and thrilling performance. In this article, we will delve into the various KTM bikes price in Nepal.

Overview of KTM Bikes in Nepal

In Nepal, KTM motorcycles have gained significant popularity among bike enthusiasts, particularly those fond of sports bikes. These bikes are known for their power-packed performance, cutting-edge technology, superior handling, and sporty aesthetics. Whether it’s the street-friendly Duke series or the race-track-oriented RC series, KTM has a wide variety of offerings to suit different riders’ preferences and needs.

KTM Bikes Price in Nepal

Here are the prices of the KTM bikes available in Nepal in tabular form:

KTM Bike ModelPrice in Nepal (NPR)
KTM Duke 125Rs. 4,99,000
KTM Duke 200Rs. 5,39,000
KTM Duke 250Rs. 6,39,000
KTM Duke 390Rs. 8,49,000
KTM RC 125Rs. 4,99,000
KTM RC 200Rs. 5,79,000
KTM RC 390Rs. 7,99,000

KTM Duke Series

KTM Duke 125: The Duke 125 is the entry-level model in the KTM lineup in Nepal. It offers a premium experience to newcomers with its sporty design and high-quality components. The Duke 125 is priced at NPR 4.99 lakhs.

KTM Duke 200: The Duke 200, with its upgraded features and performance, makes for an ideal choice for riders stepping up from entry-level bikes. It costs NPR 5.39 lakhs.

KTM Duke 250: With added power and better features like dual-channel ABS, the Duke 250 offers a sweet spot between the Duke 200 and Duke 390. It comes with a price tag of NPR 6.39 lakhs.

KTM Duke 390: The Duke 390 is known for its aggressive power and feature-packed offering. Ideal for enthusiasts and seasoned riders, it is priced at NPR 8.49 lakhs.

KTM RC Series

KTM RC 125: Just like the Duke 125, the RC 125 serves as an entry point to KTM’s RC series, providing a taste of sport biking at NPR 4.99 lakhs.

KTM RC 200: Offering a balance between price and performance, the RC 200 is a favorite among young riders. It costs NPR 5.79 lakhs.

KTM RC 390: The RC 390 is the top-of-the-line offering in the RC series. With its racing-derived features, it is priced at NPR 7.99 lakhs.

Please note that these prices are subject to change based on taxes, import duties, and dealership charges. Always check with your nearest KTM dealer for the most accurate and up-to-date information.


KTM bikes continue to win hearts in Nepal with their compelling blend of power, performance, and cutting-edge technology. The wide array of options ensures that there is a KTM bike for every kind of rider. While they might seem premium-priced, the sheer thrill and unmatched riding experience they offer make every KTM bike well worth the investment. So, gear up and embark on an exhilarating journey with KTM!

Note: All the prices mentioned are as per the information available on the referenced website and are subject to changes. For the latest prices, please check with the nearest authorized KTM showroom.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price range of KTM bikes in Nepal?

The price of KTM bikes in Nepal ranges from NPR 4.99 lakhs for the entry-level Duke 125 and RC 125, up to NPR 8.49 lakhs for the high-performance Duke 390.

Where can I buy KTM bikes in Nepal?

KTM bikes are available at authorized KTM showrooms and dealerships across Nepal. For the most accurate information on availability and pricing, it’s best to contact your nearest KTM dealer.

What is the most expensive KTM bike available in Nepal?

As of the current pricing, the KTM Duke 390, priced at NPR 8.49 lakhs, is the most expensive KTM bike available in Nepal.

Which is the cheapest KTM bike available in Nepal?

The KTM Duke 125 and KTM RC 125 are the cheapest KTM bikes available in Nepal, both priced at NPR 4.99 lakhs.

Are KTM bikes worth the price in Nepal?

Yes, KTM bikes are known for their high-quality build, superior performance, and advanced features, making them well worth the price for many riders. However, the value can be subjective and depends on individual riders’ preferences and needs.